„Cat Academy” Foundation

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Fundacja Kocia Akademia
31-158 Kraków
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About the foundation

The Cat Academy Foundation takes care of the cats, which live in the Cat Cafe „Kociarnia” in Cracov :) but not only...

The foundation takes in abandoned, unwanted cats, treats them and finds them adoptive homes. To this day, we found homes for eight cats. As a foundation we support adoption actions for cats from temporary homes, we organize a food collection for shelters and temporary homes. Our foundation is a place, which is actively supporting the spread of knowledge about cats, we hold regular workshops for children, during which among fun activities and art workshops we also tell interesting stories about cats. Once in a month we organize free meeting with the cat behaviorist. Occasionally workshops are held, for example making felt toys and utility ornaments.

We are doing our best to be a place of interesting meetings, literary evenings with Mr. Franciszek Klimek – a poet, writing beautiful poems about cats. We also hold cat lovers' journey slideshows, cat-themed paintings and art exhibitions.


Cats in our foundation's care come from different places. From private individuals, who no longer can provide for them, cats taken from the deceased keepers, free-living cats which are not accepted by people from their surroundings and which our Foundation takes in, so that they will not end in a shelter.

Some of our cats comes from Eco Foundation „Mam kota na punkcie psa” from Bielsko Biala with which we are cooperating.

Each cat, that is under our care, undergoes a minimum of 14 days of quarantine in the veterinary clinic, where it is tested for:

  • Felv / Fiv (feline leukemia and feline AIDS)
  • Basic blood tests (kidney, liver, morphology)
  • Each cat is deflead during admission
  • All the cats are being dewormed on the 7th day of quarantine
  • All the necessary vaccinations are done after the 14th day

In case of health problems, further tests such as antibiogram are performed and appropriate treatment is added. In severe cases, cats are operated.

Sterilization and castration operations are also carried out.