We accept children studying at school, upon presentation of an identity card


Following our behaviorist's recommendations, only school children and older are allowed to enter the Café.

  1. Cat makes its own decisions. Please, DON’T PICK OUR CATS UP and don’t carry them.
  2. When you are taking pictures, please TURN OFF THE FLASH.
  3. Our cats are on a specific diet, so please DON’T FEED THEM. If you have something to eat for cats, leave it in the box for temporary homes.
  4. Cats spend most of the day sleeping, so DON’T WAKE THEM UP. Don't take them out of the shed.
  5. PLEASE BE AS CALM AS IT IS POSSIBLE. Cats don't like being noisy, they can hear more sounds than a human.

Please respect these simple rules and keep in mind that the staff members can put you on notice or ask you to leave in case of breaking the rules.

Offer of Cat Cafe Kociarnia


Try our delicious coffee with a cat latte art!


We have tasty treats, that will make your visit even better!

Cat gadgets

Bags, cups and other cat accessories are waiting for you in our cafe!

See our menu:

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A few words about Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe Kociarnia is a wonderful place, in which you can drink delicious coffee and try home baked cakes, while playing and spending time with our friendly cats.

We would like to invite you to a magical place, where by walking through the wardrobe, you will find yourself in a „Cat Heaven”, in which our cats are the hosts. There you can read a book, a newspaper or just hang out with a cat.